Privacy Policy

Creative Corporate Solutions takes your privacy seriously.

Privacy Policy

The collection and use of any personal information occurs when you access our website or provide us with personal information in our enquiry, application, registration or administration processes – though no personal information is collected when you browse anonymously. At all times, your information is securely stored when you access our website. This information is retrieved only for the intended commercial purpose and will be archived and backed-up as required. Naturally, you can request that your information be amended or removed.

There may however be instances where it may be necessary, or a legal requirement to confirm the identity of any party affecting our rights (or the rights of others. At no time will your email address and/or personal information be disclosed, sold or passed on to third parties without your consent (excluding access by third party providers engaged by us to deliver our business commitments to you).

All credit card transaction details are retained while payment processing is completed and then deleted. Nor do we make any representations about third party web sites linked to our web site.

While every effort will be made to protect, secure and keep confidential any of your personal information, should this information be accessed by a third party, through either negligence or otherwise, by suppliers, contractors, associated parties or clients, to the extent permitted by law, we are not liable for any loss, damage, costs, liability or other form of contribution.

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Further information on Australian legislation and privacy issues is located at

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