Debunking the myths behind project schedules

Why is it that schedules, timelines, Gantt charts and other graphical representations project so much confidence into the on-time delivery of the project? And is this confidence over rated, if not misguided? Let's start with a positive perspective (and stick to the Gantt chart terminology). Gantt charts capture, in whatever level of detail required, the…
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Unwrapping project management

Organisations are rapidly becoming focused on a number of critical issues that drive their continued success: the timing of decisions, the costs driving the decisions and the impact that change will have on these decisions. To deal with these issues, project management has grown both in academic stature and in commercial acceptance as a methodology,…
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Competing project management methodologies

Should we embrace particular methodologies: the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK, PRINCE2 (projects in a controlled environment), Agile, Project PRACTITIONER (the author's proprietary methodology), or the myriad of other options and solutions actively promoted to respond to the differing degrees of uncertainty, complexity, risk and value throughout the project? Or does the solution rest…
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