Aspiring to deliver innovation, productivity and profitability to our clients, Creative Corporate Solutions offers a range of professional advice, consulting, coaching/mentoring and support services.


Our approach is different we don't offer solutions; only options. No one knows your business better than you do; so don't let control of that pass to anyone else, Our job is to work in partnership with you, the stakeholders and any other interested and approved parties to:

  • Examine objectively the background to the current situation;
  • Clarify exactly what the stated (and unstated) problem actually is, and isn't;
  • Explore the tangible (visible) and intangible (invisible) effects of this problem;
  • Recommend a number of relevant, practical and cost effective options to address the problem


We can also assist with the development, implementation, support, review and evaluation of these recommendations. Specifically, our expertise relates to:

  • Developing Management Capability;
  • Developing Leadership Capability;
  • Assessing Contract Performance;
  • Conducting Mediation & Conflict Resolution;
  • Developing Project Management Capability and Maturity;
  • Developing a Business Analysis Methodology;
  • Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace;
  • Offering Professional Counselling;
  • Completing Personality & Behavioural Profiling;
  • Undertaking Instructional Design and Development;
  • Preparing Tender/Proposal Submission;
  • Conducting Project Performance Audits;
  • Auditing Quality Management Systems;
  • Editing and Proofreading;
  • Supporting Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registration, setup, development and compliance


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