Founded in 1985 by Stephen Hartley, Creative Corporate Solutions has since serviced 100's of clients and delivered to 1000's of students worldwide in almost every facet of business!

Aspiring to deliver innovation, productivity and profitability to our clients, Creative Corporate Solutions offers a range of professional advice, consulting, coaching/mentoring and support services.

Creative Corporate Solutions works in close partnership with three leading Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in both Queensland and New South Wales for all accredited qualifications and is fully compliant with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) - the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector.

As the national regulator for Australia's VET sector, the Australian Skills Quality Authority aims to ensure students, employers and government have full confidence in the quality of Australia's VET qualifications, courses and training providers by ensuring nationally approved quality standards are met.

  • Australian Safety & Learning Systems - 31262
  • Fishtail Education - 40665
  • Mountainview Training - 32392

Creative Corporate Solutions works in partnerships with, and as a preferred supplier to community, business and government sectors.

Specialising in people, performance and potential, we offer a boutique range of learning, development and support for both accredited and non-accredited programs. Throughout Australia and SE Asia, our credible and credentialed practitioners design, develop, deliver, assess and/or evaluate programs in project management, business analysis, governance, auditing, marketing, leadership, team dynamics and management.

Working closely with our clients, we also provide coaching and mentoring support, qualified mediation services along with workplace, family and relationship counselling covering career development, emotional development, and relationship and life issues.

Our Values

Business People

Creative Corporate Solutions is committed to working with people in all walks of life (community, private and public sectors) to improving their performance and potential in both their personal and professional lives.

  • Professional; qualified, certified specialist advice & service
  • Accountable; being responsible, open & transparent
  • Independent; acting with impartiality, honesty & integrity
  • Respectful; recognising diversity, rights, culture heritage
  • Flexible; tailoring our approach around your business priorities
  • Innovative; investigating, exploring & promoting different options


People come in different sizes, different shapes, each with different intellects, agendas, filters, ambitions and expectations. They want to be recognised, heard, engaged, respected and be allowed to investigate, experiment and demonstrate their skills, knowledge and abilities.


Is it an activity or an achievement; or is it both? Innate for some; learned for others, performance is about validation and results. It balances objectives with outcomes and rewards, and requires measurement, feedback, refining and re-learning.


Everyone has it; sadly not everyone has the opportunity to reach it in their personal and/or professional lives. People need the opportunity to experiment, to take risks, to try new things and to make mistakes as they examine and explore different ways of living and working.

Our mission

empower peopleCreative Corporate Solutions works with clients to deliver accredited qualifications and niche programs that recognise, validate, challenge and empower people, performance and potential.